What is the Formulary?

The Highmark Drug Formulary is a list of FDA-approved prescription drug medications reviewed by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee. This committee is comprised of network physicians and pharmacists who select products on the basis of their safety, efficacy, quality and cost to the plan.

The formulary is designed to assist in maintaining the quality of patient care and containing cost for the patient's drug benefit plan. Our P&T Committee approves revisions to the drug formulary on a quarterly basis; updates will be provided to reflect such additions.

Products are removed from the formulary twice a year, January 1st and July 1st after a minimum of 30 days notification is given to providers.

Physicians are requested to prescribe medications included in the formulary whenever possible. Our Medical and Pharmacy Affairs department will monitor provider-specific formulary prescribing and communicate with providers to encourage use of formulary products.

The drug formulary is divided into major therapeutic categories for easy use. Products that are approved for more than one therapeutic indication may be included in more than one category. Drugs are listed by brand and generic names. Most dosage forms and strengths of a drug are included in the formulary.

Suggestions or comments on the formulary are encouraged. Your input will help us to maintain a high quality listing. Please submit comments to Clinical Pharmacy Services.

Drug Formulary Committee
Suite P4207
120 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Health care providers who have questions about the formulary and its use can contact: Pharmacy Service Center 1-800-600-2227.

To obtain a copy of the formulary, submit a Reorder Request post card, using form number 21850. You may also call our shipping control Department at 1-717-302-5105.

Last updated on 10/2/2017


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